Basic Integrated Rural Development Society

Basic Integrated Rural Development Society mainly focuses on Social, Educational, Economical and Health activities for the section of minority and from the tribal, remote area, rural and from the urban area established in the year 1991.

About Us

Seventeen years ago, a mustard seed of personal commitment grew into an organization. The miserable living conditions of the most vulnerable segments of society in Vedasandur ssBlock of Dindigul district motivated a Social activist with other Social workers to form the BIRDS Society. Basic Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS) is a registered Voluntary Organization working for the welfare of the rural people particularly women and children irrespective of caste, color, and creed since 1991.  BIRDS committee consists of 8 members from different walks of life. BIRDS beliefs in gender equality and do practice by sharing the responsibilities to them.  BIRDS have infrastructure facilities including qualified personal to take up any sort of program.

Basic Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS) was formed and registered in 1991 in Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu as a society for making voluntary services. Dr. C Chinnalagar the founder and secretary joining with other social activists formed the society with the purpose of uplifting the poor and marginalized people, irrespective of caste, creed, and sex. The society was developed as an NGO working with the mission of empowering rural communities to address their socio-economic problems on their own and through self-help efforts.



To extend relief and rehabilitation for people affected during lock down
To promote livelihood of poor women and migrant workers
To run special school for Drop-out children
To promote healthcare activities, women and children
To help the small farmers with trainings for organic farming

  1. The motto of the organization is to “Work for Comprehensive Sustainable Development of Rural Deprived and disadvantaged especially women and children”.

To plan for and work with village people of India irrespective of religion, race, caste, community or social status for fostering fraternity and to improve their Social, Economic, and Political  development creating social consciousness in them.

To provide opportunities for women to be motivated in economic development, Family Planning and other family welfare measures.

To provide materials, equipments, machineries etc at a reasonable rate or at free of cost to the villagers and to guide and to undertake the production of cottage industries and other crafts in small scale and cottage industries sector.

To provide training to the villagers in Scientific agricultural methods, Dairy management and in rural based industries.

To initiate, support and promote the advancement of educational activities in villages for the children and to undertake non-formal education for the adults and those who have dropped out from the school and to establish and run educational institutions including colleges and technical education for rural masses and provide education to the needy with a view of raising their educational status.


BIRDS envisions a society with prime concerns for human dignity, equity, and peace that seeks harmony with nature.


Sustainable Agriculture : 

BIRDS enables and empowers small farmers to have a self-sufficient livelihood. They are trained by BIRDS to cultivate indigenous varieties of organic food products using low-inputs and renewable resources and to maintain the fertility of soils, and genetic diversity of production. Totally 129 farmers are involved in the last five years. More farmers are inclined to take up organic farming. BIRDS plans to train 500 farmers and make attempts in this regard.

Promotion of Basic Education : 

BIRDS runs a residential school at its training center, Vedasandur conducting classes I to VIII standard. The school was started six years ago responding to the problem of child labor and rehabilitating drop-out children. 60 children of low-income families and orphans are admitted every year. We provided free food, accommodation, uniform, books, and medical care. BIRDS consider it to include more children.

Beneficiary Groups

  • Children
  • Rural Poor
  • Students
  • Urban poor
  • Women
  • Youth


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